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Most telecom providers and master agents do a poor job of explaining cloud migration to today’s business leaders, who are too busy and perhaps technologically disinclined to make themselves experts in cloud computing. We are always hearing from IT Reps who are frustrated by their company’s internal perplexity when it comes to the cloud. Even the IT Reps get confused sometimes! The vast number of options can be simply overwhelming.

When ITD started, we identified an urgent need for simplification of the cloud in today’s business world, and that is what sets us apart. We work with some of the most technologically advanced service providers in the world, but we also break things down to basics for business leaders who just need to know how the cloud’s going to improve their bottom line and their way of life.

Even more importantly, we handle all of the research and coordination when it’s time for our suppliers to move a company into the cloud. ITD does all of the research and finds the best solution possible so the IT Reps and executives can focus on their jobs instead. Never worry about having to find the best solution again!

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It’s the coolest thing around. Software-defined networking in a wide area network, (SD-WAN) replaces multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) networks — saving money and providing redundancy.

SD-WAN simplifies the management and operation of a WAN by separating the networking hardware from its control mechanism. This concept is similar to how software-defined networking implements virtualization technology to improve data center management and operation.[1]

A key application of SD-WAN is allowing companies to build higher performance WANs using lower cost leased lines, enabling businesses to partially or wholly replace more expensive private WAN connection technologies such as MPLS. ITD facilitates this great solution for enterprise clients with more than 10 locations.

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It can be hard in a world of many options, to make important decisions. The same is true of selecting the best Internet Service Provider (ISP). In Chelsea, Malden, Cambridge, and other Boston neighborhoods, there are many ISPs to choose from. With this quick guide, you can make a more informed decision when it’s time to sign up or switch.

Tech Support Availability

The only thing more frustrating than facing technical difficulties is not being able to connect to the people who are supposed to help you fix them. The best Internet Service Provider in Chelsea, Malden, and Cambridge should be one that is highly responsive. You shouldn’t have to sit on hold waiting for a representative to become available. You also should not have to deal with being transferred from person to person as you struggle to find someone to assist you. When it comes to tech and customer support, availability is crucial. With a local business, you can count on personalized assistance, and not being transferred to a call center thousands of miles away overseas.

Throttling Speeds

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of an important call and having the connection drop. The same can be said for a web connection that cuts out, lags, and simply doesn’t connect when you want it to. If you’ve ever had to deal with slow, unresponsive Wi-Fi, then you know what we’re talking about. Unfortunately, some ISPs have been known to implement throttling — bottlenecking your connection speeds and bandwidth — when users exceed a certain amount of usage. This practice is not currently illegal, but it is deceptive and unfair, and should not be tolerated. If you suspect that your ISP in Chelsea, Malden, or Cambridge is throttling your bandwidth, use an online test to measure your speeds. If they’re throttling, switch to the best Internet Service Provider that promotes transparency.

Hidden Charges

When you get the bill from your ISP, you want everything to be straightforward. This is true when you sign up with them in the first place; the agent you are working with should be able to show you an itemized list of the services you are receiving and explain where each and every cost comes from. If they advertise a certain monthly fee, make sure there isn’t any fine print that explains that’s a one-time fee. There may also be a message about hidden surcharges included. Transparency and honesty are crucial features of the best Internet Service Provider. Be on the lookout for any shady behavior in Chelsea, Malden, and Cambridge.

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For Boston-area neighborhoods like Cambridge, Malden, and Chelsea who need the best Internet Service Provider to hook them up with lightning-fast speeds, call ITD Solutions. Our team of network professionals can have you uploading and downloading, streaming, and utilizing the web in no time flat. Our business strives to make connecting to the World Wide Web an affordable and reliable venture. We don’t want you to worry about being disconnected from what matters. To learn more about our various offerings, call ITD Solutions at 888-542-8484 today! We help simplify the cloud, migrate your technology, set you up with trustworthy connections. With our help, we will connect you to the world around you.

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Video conferencing services are an innovative way for businesses of all kinds in Worcester and Framingham to increase their productivity and success in the field. Obtaining new clients and customers, expanding your business efforts, reaching new markets, and boosting employee relationships and collaboration is just one quick phone call to ITD Solutions away!

1. Collaborate From Anywhere

One of the most popular ways that businesses in Framingham and Worcester use video conferencing services is to telecommute and improve collaborative efforts no matter where you are located, physically. By having top-of-the-line setups in the office, you can make sure that your employees are able to effectively share data, information, and more through video chats. This helps promote productivity because it is easier to visualize through these types of calls and people develop a stronger connection amongst one another when they see one another’s faces through the screen.

2. Expand Your Business

With video conferencing services, you can use your newfound communications to reach business partners and clients from places far away from Worcester and Framingham. Many people like to have a face-to-face conference before going into business together, and by communicating this way, you can establish trust and assurance that both parties are in 100%. You can also use this tool to reach potential clients. Instead of relying on the impersonal phone call, you can establish a relationship with a potential client by showing your company’s faces and perhaps even your workspace. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth even more!

3. Check In On Employees

Whether you own and operate a small local business in Worcester or are in charge of a multi-conglomerate national headquarters in Framingham, having the ability to effectively converse with your employees is critical to your business’ success. It’s not always possible to have everyone in the same physical room together, but with video conferencing services, you can join together digitally. By setting up video calls with employees, you can check in and see how everything is going. This is an excellent way to establish your role as a leader in the company as well as put a face to the name of your coworkers so that you can build your work relationship and strengthen your partnership.

Call ITD Solutions for Video Conferencing Services

When you are ready to improve your business practices and strengthen your company through innovative and technologically advanced video conferencing services, look to ITD Solutions. For businesses in Framingham, Worcester, and other Boston-area locations, give us a call today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you at 888-542-8484.