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Whether you have lived in Boston for a while and are looking to upgrade or you are new to the area, you may be wondering who the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the area is. While there are many to choose from, you want to make sure you pick one that offers the fastest speeds and the lowest prices. After all, you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg every month just to access your Netflix account or log in to check your email. When it’s time to choose an ISP, use this guide to help you make a smart, informed decision.

Figure out What Different Services Are Offered and What They Do

If you’ve heard terms such as “broadband” or “FiOS” thrown around in conversation, you may be wondering what those mean as far as network connections go. There are many different ways to access the World Wide Web through an Internet Service Provider, and they all act in their own unique way. Unless you want dial-up, (trust us, you probably don’t!) you will go with broadband access, which covers different formats:

  • DSL. DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line and uses a telephone line that’s likely already in the ground near your home in Boston to access the web. Generally, this is the least costly option, although it may be slower. Why? Because the physical distance between your home and the Internet Service Provider has an effect on the speediness of your connection. The farther away you are, the slower it will be.
  • Cable. Cable access is granted through your cable provider, as the name indicates. It’s more widely available than other types, and doesn’t rely on distance like DSL does. However, you will be sharing your bandwidth with others in your neighborhood, so during peak times your speeds may drop.
  • Satellite. With satellite, the Internet Service Provider uses satellites to beam internet access to customers. Most often, this is used by those in a highly rural area, so not too many people in Boston utilize this type of access.
  • Fiber Optic. Also known as FiOS, fiber optic access is the most reliably fast and clear connection for users to choose. By using networks of optical lights, FiOS instantly beams a connection to users with minimal interruption. Because it’s a newer technology, the availability may vary amongst ISPs.

Compare Speeds and Prices

When it comes to comparing speeds and prices, the first term that you should make yourself aware of is Mbps. In the world of Internet Service Providers, Mbps stands for Megabits per second, which is an indicator of the connection speed. For personal use and basic web surfing, you should be fine with 2 Mbps, but most homes in Boston with a few people in them will benefit from a higher number like 5 Mbps. However, if you have multiple heavy connection users (streaming on sites like Hulu or Netflix as well as gaming or downloading large files) you may want a higher speed.

Go Local

While we may be biased as we are local to Boston, there really are benefits to staying local with your Internet Service Provider that shouldn’t be overlooked. For one, depending on the type of access you choose, your speeds will be higher if you choose a local ISP. You will also benefit from better customer support because a local company can make house calls and has a better idea of the Boston area and what customers need for their connections and networks. You don’t want to have to contact a call center located overseas when you need a simple fix. With a local business like ITD Solutions, we can be there in a matter of minutes if you’re having problems. You won’t have to go through a call center either, because we focus on making sure our employees can personally help you whenever you need it.

Call ITD Solutions for an Internet Service Provider that Truly Provides

When you need a truly excellent Internet Service Provider in the Boston area, look no further than ITD Solutions. As a master agent for a variety of telecommunications and cloud data systems, we can make your life easier. Switching services isn’t hard when you have us to help you. We act as one point of contact, making things more streamlined and simple. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today at 888-542-8484. We offer free consultations so you can find out which form of internet access is the best fit for you!

Internet Services for a Productive Business | ITD

There are many tips and tricks available in books and articles that describe various ways you can boost your productivity at work. For businesses and companies in Framingham who are looking to ramp up the level of work they get done every day, enhanced internet services can get the job done with minimal effort.

Internet Access

Arguably one of the most important internet services you can acquire for a boost of productivity in Framingham is access to the World Wide Web. Even with basic access, you will be able to benefit from billions of websites and resources that will enhance your day-to-day business. With upgraded access such as high-speed Wi-Fi, you can get more done, faster.

Web Hosting

If you want to succeed as a business, you need a strong internet presence where clients new and old can interact with you. This means social media, but most importantly, an in-depth, highly professional website. While you may hire a company in Framingham to design it for you, you may want to design it in-house. Either way, you are going to need web hosting to have a live, working site on the web. Most internet services include web hosting as part of their lineup, so make sure you ask about how to get your website up and running, or if you already have one, how to improve page load times and more.

ITD Solutions’ Internet Services

We can also assist Framingham customers with cloud solutions, static IP addresses, and wireless networking. To provide the best customer support, we offer:

  • Security Assistance
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Professional Implementation

This way, you will know that not only are you set up for success, but you will continue to be protected as you use your internet services. Hackers, phishers, and other scammers are constantly looking for new ways to steal private data like bank account and credit card information. With our protective security measures, you can rest knowing that we will be on alert for any fraudulent activity or suspicious behavior that comes across our networks. Your personal information will be safe and secure, and we never sell or share that info. We maintain a respectful boundary of privacy for all of our clients and never overstep into your personal networking activities.

While everyone in Worcester wants to feel that their local Internet Service Provider (ISP) is acting in their best interest, this is unfortunately not always the case. As with any businesses, their goal is to make a profit, and if doing so means hiding a few things from their customers, then so be it. At ITD Solutions, we place great importance on transparency and honesty with our clients, and we are here to tell you about a few things that your ISP may not be telling you, but you need to know.

They May Slow Down Your Connection Speeds

More commonly known as “throttling,” many ISPs have been known to put the brakes on connection speeds for certain customers who are using large amounts of data. The more they use, the more they slow things down by throttling your bandwidth. On your end, you may notice crawling downloads and uploads, longer page loading times, and more. There are speed tests available online that will be able to measure how fast or slow your connection is for various programs that may indicate your local Internet service provider in Worcester is limiting your bandwidth.

Bundled Services Come with an Outage Risk

Although bundling your services —think cable, voice, data, and more— is an efficient way to streamline your monthly networking and technology usage, major mega-corporation ISPs that use bundled services are at a higher risk of outages. If one service goes out, so do the others. Imagine the last major storm that rolled through Worcester. If the cable went out, chances are that the phones and internet are out as well. With a local Internet service provider, the odds of getting your network back up and running quickly is much higher because they are nearby, can handle requests locally, and have backup generators and servers to prevent too much downtime due to outages.

Their Call Center and Tech Support is Located Across the World

If you have ever had an issue with your technology provided by a major ISP, then you know that dealing with customer support over the phone or via chat online can be a struggle. Too many large corporations are outsourcing their call centers for cheap labor, which ends up creating more confusion and chaos for the customers who are trying to solve their problem. A local Internet service provider in Worcester, such as ITD Solutions, is not only housed in an area right by you, but we are able to make calls and help you out with the situation in person. When you keep your technology in Massachusetts, you make life easier for yourself in the long run.

Call ITD Solutions for a Premier Local Internet Service Provider

For Worcester, Massachusetts residents who are looking for a local Internet service provider that has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to help them with their cable, voice, data, and networking solutions, call ITD Solutions. We are here to help make your networking and data experience a total breeze! Call us today to get started at 1-888-542-8484.

More than a website’s appearance, customers are looking for ease of use. If the page is crowded or the text is difficult to read, they’ll lose patience. When downloads take too long or fail completely, they won’t keep trying. Without a dedicated Internet connection in Framingham, your company could face a flurry of frustrations. Between inconsistent connectivity and slow downloads, customers in Massachusetts will seek business elsewhere. Don’t let a mediocre provider limit your success. Instead, team with ITD Solutions to reap a wellspring of benefits!

Consistent Efficiency

Customers should be able to depend upon on you and your business’ services. Whether you have a small operation in Middlesex County or you run a larger corporation, you need quality utilities, consistency, and efficiency. Consistency is often overlooked in the face of faster streaming, but a dropped connection makes a quick pace obsolete.

No matter the speed, you should locate a provider who offers consistent connectivity and efficient strategies. When your site is accessible and reliable, customers can count on your company, which means they’ll return in the future and recommend your Framingham business to others in the area.


With a dedicated Internet connection team, you gain an advocate for your Massachusetts corporation. Large or small, the tech team you hire should advise you from start to finish with:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Locating the best providers
  • Negotiating pricing
  • Implementation
  • Communication

It can be challenging to grasp what your firm needs, so look for someone who will communicate openly and assist you with understanding. With us, you can count on being asked about your company’s wishes, wants, and needs.

Modernizations to Match Your Needs

Too many individuals in Framingham are unsure of what their business requires when it comes to web services. They invest in systems that don’t apply to them, and they squander funds on unnecessary aspects. The ITD Solutions team provides a dedicated Internet connection, and they will assess your website, discuss your professional goals, and identify which modern utilities will assist you in achieving them. Customization will enhance your site’s performance and improve your customer’s experience!

ITD Solutions Provides a Dedicated Internet Connection

For technological assistance in Framingham, ITD Solutions is your top choice. Not only can our staff help with telephone or data networks, but we also specialize in:

  • Colocation
  • Disaster recovery
  • Dedicated Internet connection
  • Cloud telephony and computing
  • Voice and video conferencing

Consult with our data and web technology experts to see improved performance on your site, or get a free consultation by calling ITD Solutions at 1-888-542-8484!