About Us

We at ITDCloud want you to be the business owner you want to be.

Our mission is to help business owners regain their time on the aspects of their business that matter most.

Our Values

"No" means "not yet"

We don’t take “no” for an answer. We’ll fight to find a solution to any issue you have

Build trust

Trust is the foundation of good relationships and happier customers.

Be an expert at what you do

Expertise instills reliability and confidence in who to call for their next telecom inquiry.

Create memorable experiences

We strive to make every memory a great one, from our customers to our employees.

Take responsibility

We have high expectations of ourselves, so we take responsibility for any outcome.

About The Owner

Greg Hancock


Greg Hancock was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and attended Bridgewater State University. Greg has worked in the telecom industry since 1999 and noticed that the end user was not being serviced properly, which led to his founding of ITDCloud in 2005. Greg’s purpose of creating this company was to provide a white glove service to ensure the customer is treated appropriately when in need of support. He is also a President’s Club winner and is recognized as a reliable and selfless leader and partner.