High-Speed Internet Service

You hear the term “high-speed internet service” all the time. Cable companies and providers promise that your connection will be lightning-fast, but at times, it seems to be moving more at a snail’s pace. When examining its quality, you may notice a number followed by “Mbps” which stands for “megabits per second” and is a numerical indication of how quickly data is being sent and received. So, what exactly is considered a fast connection, and how are you supposed to know how quickly your network really is operating? Read on to find out how Framingham surfers can measure the quality of their connection.

The Average Connection Speed

According to Akamai’s Q2 2016 State of the Internet / Connectivity Report, Massachusetts has one of the highest average speeds, clocking in at about 19.0 Mbps. Considering that the top spot went to District of Columbia at 24.3, towns like Framingham are situated in a pretty decent area. However, these numbers are just averages, and the actual speed depends largely on the individual ISP. With a truly high-speed internet service, you could see speeds closer to 100 Mbps.

Determining Your Network Speed

If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, the strength, speed, and other information about your connection can be found in the control panel. Usually, this information is located under “network center” or a similar name. If you select your network, the “Mbps” should be listed.

There are also a number of tests you can find online that will measure how quickly uploads and downloads complete, which will reveal what kind of network speed you have in Framingham.

Need a True High-Speed Internet Service? Call ITD Solutions

If you’re looking for a high-quality, high-speed internet service, you need to look no further than ITD Solutions. We utilize the latest and greatest technology to provide our clients with the quickest connections at all times, so you never have to fret about lagging downloads, buffering videos, or new tabs that never load. Whether you need a strong network at home or at work, we can set you up for success. To learn more about ITD Solutions and the other technology solutions we can help you with, give us a call at 888-542-8484 for a completely free consultation. As a premier high-speed internet service provider, we look forward to connecting you to what matters!

best internet provider

If you’re looking for the best internet provider in Massachusetts, turn to ITD Solutions. We serve Springfield and the surrounding areas by offering a range of data speeds, wireless networking, and more. Too many individuals sign up with the first company they find, but you need to look for quality installation and excellent customer communication if you want to commit to a service. If you’re tired of listening to elevator music while you wait to speak with a representative from Verizon or Xfinity, contact us to talk about how we can upgrade your existing system!

Are They Informative?

Some companies only offer a handful of packages, but the best internet provider will make an effort to understand how you plan to use it. Maybe you need enough bandwidth for certain projects, or you might want optimal streaming options for teleconferences. Whatever the case, we can help Springfield residents make the top choice!

When something isn’t working properly, you can check in to find out what’s wrong. Our team will tackle the snag in no time, and you can expect a full report explaining what happened. We are committed to keeping you informed, no matter the circumstances!

Are They Attentive?

The best internet provider is informative, as well as attentive to customer needs. Whether you have a question about Cloud systems or want to add a static IP address for your Springfield business, you will get what you need in no time! We monitor all customer servers 24-7, so your business is always secure. We understand that no system is perfect; chances are that something will go awry at some point. Would you rather be tied to a company that responds promptly or be on hold for close to an hour? When you do speak with someone, would you like to hear specifics or general comments about how it should be back on within 48 hours? Of course, these are redundant questions — why would anyone opt for subpar services? Don’t put your Massachusetts business between a rock and a hard place. Instead, team with the best internet provider in Springfield.

ITD Solutions: the Best Internet Provider

To put your Massachusetts business on the map, team up with ITD Solutions. Not only are we the best internet provider in Springfield, but we also provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • Cloud telephony and computing
  • Data and colocation services
  • Videoconferencing
  • Disaster recovery
  • And more!

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local internet service provider

Many people in Tampa get frustrated with their local internet service provider at one point or another. Whether you are not getting the services you signed up for, there are technical issues, or you simply are disappointed in the customer support, you need a company that doesn’t cause you frustration and stress. Here are a few reasons why your local ISP hasn’t worked out in the past, and what you can do to change it!

You Didn’t Read the Fine Print

Many ISPs have contracts with clients that contain a lot of fine print, where hidden details are kept out of sight. If you fail to pay close attention, you could miss out on crucial information such as throttling data, hidden fees, unexpected charges, and more. Always be sure to go through the contract thoroughly, and be on the lookout for mentions of “customer rights,” “user restrictions” and other similar terminology that may indicate a regulation on your freedoms.

The Customer Support is Sub-Par

Nothing is worse than awful customer support when you are trying to resolve an issue with your connectivity. If your local internet service provider in Tampa is not responsive to your requests for assistance, you may need to reconsider your choice.

Responsive. When you call tech support for a local internet service provider, chances are your connection is down or there is another serious issue preventing you from getting what you paid for. If they aren’t quick to reply and help you out, you need to move on to a better company in Tampa.

Knowledgeable. If you call or email about an issue and the person on the other end doesn’t know what you are talking about or how to resolve the issue, then they are wasting your time.

Trustworthy. You have to be able to rely on your support team to tell you the truth, give you the facts, and not trick you into raising your monthly bill.

You Aren’t Using ITD Solutions as a Local Internet Service Provider

When you team up with ITD Solutions in Tampa to get your internet set up, you are actively choosing a highly qualified, trained, and professional company that will help you get connected right away. There are many different packages available, and we can sit down with you to help determine the perfect package for your residential or commercial needs. Whether you need a super high-speed connection, telephone setups, video conferencing, or any other type of internet and data service, we are the one-stop shop you need. When you are ready to get started with a local internet service provider today, call us at 888-542-8484 for a free consultation.

cloud computing

Cloud computing is quickly becoming the new standard in Boston. It allows access to applications or files through the internet as opposed to being located on a physical computer. Why are businesses moving to the cloud? Because the use of this kind of service drastically increases efficiency, along with a host of other benefits.


Servers are off-site, which means a hands-off approach when it comes to maintaining the system. Suppliers roll out regular software updates (including security updates) and take care of everything for you. This leaves you free to spend time on things that matter, like growing your business.

Work from Anywhere with Cloud Computing

When utilizing the cloud, as long as you have an internet connection, you can be at work. This allows for the same amount of work to be done regardless of whether you’re at the office or at home. Because of this, businesses in Boston can offer flexible work perks without taking a productivity hit.


You won’t lose all of your data when your device is compromised because everything is stored in the cloud. It can even be remotely wiped to prevent anything from getting into the wrong hands if a device is lost or stolen.


Cloud-based services are perfect for businesses with fluctuating or growing bandwidth demands. If your needs increase, scaling up your storage capacity is only a click away and vice versa for decreasing your data needs. Flexibility is built in to cloud computing.

Document Control

When using cloud computing, all files are centrally located. This allows for greater visibility, which streamlines collaboration. It will prevent many of the issues associated with sending files back and forth as attachments.

Disaster Recovery

Potentially the biggest advantage of all is the ease of recovering data in case of an emergency. Investing in robust disaster recovery is now a thing of the past for smaller businesses who often can’t afford such an expenditure, especially in the competitive market surrounding Boston. Transferring everything to the cloud is a simple, realistic, and cost-effective way to back up your data.

If you’re still unsure, contact ITD Solutions in Boston at 888-542-8484 or info@itdsolutions.net. We can assist you with free quotes and consultations so you know exactly what the cost-benefit analysis of cloud computing will be.